Zip code Dashboard

Our nopCommerce plugin will analyze your data with key demographic metrics. See which marketing strategies work best for you. Market by gender, ethnicity, category, brand, and median home sale. Zoom into your data by viewing each zip/postal code and target to them and their neighbors.


With our tools, we do the guess work for you to make better marketing predictions. For example, you shouldn't ask your customers for their gender (that's too invasive!), we guess it by their first name. For example, Suzanne is a female and Mike is a male. The customer's first and last name help us predict their ethnicity.

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Our dashboard will give you the following analysis:

Tracking Metrics:

1. Order Data

2. Product Views


Primary Dimensions:

1. Sales by Brand, Category, and Top 10 Products

2. Brand/Category/Top10 Sales by Gender

3. Brand/Category/Top10 Sales by Ethnicity

4. Brand/Category/Top10 Sales by Median Home Sale (Feb 2017)

5. Brand/Category/Top10 Sales by Gay Village

All of the reports can be drilled down to every Zip code in the USA and Canada. United Kingdom is NOW supported!



Please let us know which new countries and/or data analysis you would like.


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